Sunday, 18 March 2012

Turning 20!

So now that’s it. My time is up. I am no longer a teenager. Perhaps I’ll now have to grow up? Perhaps I’ll now have to act more mature and dress in a suit from 9 till 5? Don’t be silly, of course I won’t be doing that! I plan on living young for the rest of my life!

My dad craftily told me yesterday, ‘halfway to 40 now, better get a move on!’ He is so typical! I look back at the last 20 years (what I can remember of it anyway) and I do think I’ve had a pretty good ride so far. I’ve had some amazing experiences, especially over the last 6 years; from sailing across the Atlantic when I was 14 years old to recently participating in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race with the youngest crew ever to participate.

I have recently been speaking at a lot of schools and it gives me such a great buzz telling the students about my adventures and about how they too can get out there and live their dreams. I find it a real honour and privilege to be in such a position and I hope that through my adventures, other young people will have many more adventures of their own.

I’m now putting in all my resources into planning my next adventure, and I am certainly getting much busier, which isn’t a bad thing. I don’t like to sit around and let life pass me by, I want to be part of it and experience it to the maximum!

This photo that was taken in Hobart Tasmania always makes me smile. It always reminds me to have fun and keep smiling no matter what the situation!


  1. Up up and away downunder ☺☺☺

  2. Hello I'm leanne, and i live in Devon and our college "south devon college" is doing a event for inspirational teens awards. I saw your profile and i was wondering if you would come to be nominated for the awards... it is on the 17th May in torquay. Write asap please at
    thank you
    kind regards

  3. Life is full of struggle and real man is that who always take every situation smiling. I like your attitude.

  4. Are you going on a long drive soon?
    I wait in anticipation of your next Quest,
    Hoo Roo ☺☺☺