Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dusseldorf boat show

I’m back at university now down on the coast and seeing as I have no lectures on a Thursday, I thought it was appropriate to have a nice little lie in this morning. Don’t be fooled though, I do have a very busy afternoon doing all those odds and sods that I never really get around to doing.

I spent the weekend out in Germany having a look around the Dusseldorf boat show which was really great fun. I have never been to this show, and it was pretty exciting to see. Wow is it huge though!! After walking though the front doors, it felt like ages until I actually found some decent boats to eye up. I had a good look over some of the newly released boats which were interesting to see. So many manufacturers are trying out loads of different things in an attempt to simply be different to the others. Without naming any names, I did have a long look over my dream cruising boat which for a few years I have loved to pieces. Sturdy, prudent and loads of beautiful teak, wow she was a beauty!

I’ve had a really interesting last two weeks and lots has been changing and progressing at quite an astounding rate I’m pleased to report. Fingers crossed that I’ll have some exciting news to announce pretty soon.


Saturday, 15 January 2011


I know, I know, I know..!!! I should have definately updated this by now!

For your info, I do also have a Facebook Page which I do update very regularly with short updates.

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I shall do a more detailed blog in due course.